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Often we're asked "Why 'SNAFU'?" We like to say, "If you knew us better as people, you would understand." Checking out our bios may help in that regard.

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S.N.A.F.U. Defined

Noun: Originally U.S. military slang, SNAFU is acronym for the sarcastic phrase "Situation NormalAll F*cked Up."

So where can YOU Snafu?

Thanks to our four distribution partners, you can now get your Snafu fix across the entire state of South Carolina! 

We know by now you are drooling and just itching to introduce your taste buds to this elixir so majestic, you may start to feel a little #rageful at the thought you don't know where to get your hands on it. But fear not, sweet patron! Snafu beer is not just available at our baller tap room in North Charleston!

Charleston Area

Lee Distributors

Greenville Area

Greenco Beverage Co.

Columbia | Rock Hill Area

Comer Distributing Company, Inc.

Myrtle Beach

Better Brands, Inc.

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