Snafu Tap Room Line Up

Do YOU Snafu? Or are you considering it?

All of our beers are made in house, and what we have available fresh and on tap for you varies throughout the year.

We will typically be serving our Flagship beers and adding other rotating beers based upon the season.

Feel free to give us a call at 843-767-4121 if you'd like to know our current draft lineup we have going on in the Tap Room!

And please check out our Facebook or Instagram too if you'd like more info (and a good giggle).



These are our signature brews. You will find them in the tap room most often…like our favorite regulars!

Other Rotating Beers

You can call them "Seasonals" but we just call these "more of the good stuff."

Even more of the Good Stuff

More of the stuff Skoon makes with his burly Skoon hands.