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(as it does change on the reg, ya dig?)

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Sour Ale with oranges  5.3% ABV

Ooh baby, you like it raw? 'Cuz Snafu-Tang is brewed with pounds of of raw, super fresh oranges. It's sour, citrusy, effervescent, and so tart and refreshing you know this juicy ale ain't nuttin' to funk wit.

Best served with: That rogue bag of pretzels at the bottom of your friend's purse from the last time she was on an airplane.


American India Pale Ale 6.8% ABV

Never mind the rubbish, here's Snafu! Our India Pale Ale is strong & dry, with lots of tropical, citrus, & piney flavors. And,with just the right amount of bite to it, there's nothing too vicious about this one, Sid.

Best served with: Butter.

Shadow of Death

Imperial Stout  10% ABV

As you walk through the valley of stout season, take comfort knowing this incredibly smooth, rich Imperial has all that you desire. Shadow of Death will grab hold of you with it's chocolate and mild roasty notes, and being on the sweeter side, you will keep wanting to come back for more.

Best served with: Bologna. At least you think that's bologna... how long has that been in there?

Other Beers

You can call them "Seasonals" but we just call these "more of the good stuff."

Trap House Ale

American Pale Ale  5.5% ABV

This easy drinkin' Pale Ale (brewed with 100% Cascade Hops) is perfect for when you're independent, but wanna be balling like a major artist.

Best served with: Soup.

Kinky Lola

Dark Sour Ale with cherries  5.1% ABV

Well I'm not the world's most passionate guy, but our Dark Sour Ale with cherries may just make you fall in love. It's tart, a little sweet, and has a crisp dry finish. 

Best served : While you dance all night, under electric candlelight.


Donnie Dark Ale

Black IPA  6.8% ABV

Don't let your new friend Frank distract you from trying this one... Donnie Dark Ale is a little roasty with subtle dark fruit flavors from the malt. Top it off with lots of citrus / pine flavors & aromas from the hops, and you got yourself one dangerously good beer. 

Best served with: Anything but rabbit. 

Even more of the Good Stuff

More of the stuff Skoon makes with his burly Skoon hands.

Grape, Sucka!

Sour Ale with grape  5.3% ABV

Originally created for a Halloween candy-themed event, this sweet & sour specialty was designed to remind you of a grape lollipop (or "sucker"). Customers also dig the purple color of the beer, and so do we. 

Best served with: We don't want to recommend more candy, obviously as you are an adult. You have probably had enough from your secret stash already today.  


Sour Ale with Lime & Jalapeño 5.3% ABV

Once upon a time in Shao-Lime, the mouthwatering combination of lime and jalapeño may just give you enough courage to face your rival. We recommend a good ol' fashioned beat-boxing competition.

Best served with: Your OG cassette of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) playing in the background. If you don't know where it is, check with your other really important items like your birth certificate or grandparents' baby pictures.


The Cranberry

Sour Ale with Cranberry 5.3% ABV

You know you're such a fool for this one... and yes, you do have to let it linger. It will get better with every sip, and has a low enough ABV to keep you wanting to refill those pints without feelin' like a zombie, zombie, zombie, hey hey! 

Best served with: a pixie haircut, dark eyeliner, and your heart on your sleeve (of the flannel shirt of your choice)

Pineapple IPA

American IPA w/ Pineapple  6.8% ABV

A little sweeter & less bitter than our normal IPA, thanks to the juicy goodness of the pineapples in there. A crowd favorite in the tap room!  

Best served with: A monster-sized bag of salt & vinegar chips that you bought to share with your roommate, but instead ate entirely by yourself, alone in the dark, while watching past episodes of Game of Thrones.


Tangerine IPA

American IPA w/ Tangerine  6.8% ABV

Another favorite variation of our IPA! Also a little sweeter & less bitter with the added tangerines.

Best served with: Pudding cups.

Boo! Coffee

Imperial Stout with Coffee  10% ABV

There is a time that comes in every person's life where one may ponder to themselves, "Is it really the magical experience some say it is?" The answer is yes... Taking that plunge into your first coffee stout is as indescribable as the name of this beer, especially when that stout is an Imperial, and made by Snafu Brewing Company.  

Best served with: Not that. How dare you.


Run the Jules

American Pale Ale w/ Strawberry  5.5% ABV

Inspired not only by the beloved hip hop duo, but also by the beloved strawberry-haired Co-Owner of Snafu. 

Best served with: while enjoying a deep and meaningful conversation with your good friend... who was just there a minute ago but apparently got up at some point and didn't tell you so now you don't know how long you've been talking to yourself and that's just great THANKS CARL.