Meet the Owners, Operators & Key Troublemakers of Snafu

Warning: If you suffer from Gingerphobia (Noun: fear of Gingers) please do yourself a favor and do not continue viewing this page.

Photo by Ruta Elvikyte Smith

Scott Koon (aka, 'Skoon')

Co-Owner | Head Brewer

At the tender age of 15, Skoon decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming the 10th member of the seminal hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. After years of honing his verbal dexterity and dropping mics in the underground hip hop cyphers of the greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, Skoon decided to test his talent by entering an intramural church freestyle competition as a relative unknown, sporting 40 to 1 odds of defeating the reigning champion and obtaining his Heavyweight Central Pennsylvania Freestyle Championship Belt. A Cinderella-story for the ages ensued with Skoon rising like a phoenix, spitting the hottest fire ever recorded; verbally dismantling all challengers and making it all the way to the championship round. Riding high after his victory, Skoon was devastated to learn Wu-Tang was no longer hiring. After some gruesome soul searching, Skoon decide to gracefully bow out of the rap game and retire on top, moving on to the only logical thing he could think of and decided to pursue a career in the highly lucrative trade of brewing beer. 

After some gruesome soul searching, Skoon decide to gracefully bow out of the rap game and retire on top, moving on to the only logical thing he could think of and decided to pursue a career in the highly lucrative trade of brewing beer.

Like his journey into becoming a dope-ass word assassin, his craft brewing career started at the bottom; and after years of toiling the hellish dreamscape that is the brewing industry, Skoon ascended to the highest pinnacle of success and started his own company.

With his better-half at his side, Snafu was violently birthed upon the Earth. Besides brewing dope-ass beer in his brewery, Skoon is also a part-time amateur Instagram fitness model who loves to keep up to date with all of the popular fitness crazes, such as Jazzercise or wrangling bullsharks with his bare hands.

Update: Currently Skoon is in the early stages of developing a relaxed-fit yoga pant for husky men.


Julie Koon

Co-Owner | CEO | CFO

Julie thoroughly enjoys any excuse to dress up publicly in a costume, look at pictures of your pets and pretend they are her own, or engage in a spontaneous lip sync battle (usually with you and against your will).

She can usually be found talking until someone stops her, attempting to guilt her tap room patrons into playing Cards Against Humanity with her, or desperately looking for whatever it was she was just holding in her hand. If you find her phone by the way, please let her know. She just had it a second ago.

Julie also really likes to use Photoshop in the effort of embarrassing her husband, but so far it has not worked. Don't worry though, she will never stop trying... 

Meet the Snafu staff 

#SquadGoals amiright?


Photo by ruta Elvikyte Smith

Donovan Keating



Donovan joined Snafu in November 2016 and has a long history of brewing fantastic beer in the Charleston area, as well as putting up with Skoon.

Long before Snafu was "violently birthed upon the Earth", Donovan was brought on board at Westbrook Brewing Company where he impressed the team with not only his talent and quick study, but also his ability to not get easily distracted by Skoon's impressive calves (a skill not all of the staff members at the time can claim).  As Head Brewer, Skoon appreciated those qualities in an employee, and knew when it was time to open Snafu he would call upon Donovan first to complete his squad.

After Westbrook, Donovan continued his career path as a Brewer by working with Coast Brewing Company as well before it was time to reunite. We should also note, that although it is known he has a high skill in the ancient art of Skoon -Handling, Donovan is also very well-versed in the highly mystifying trenches of Julie's brain (an accomplishment we also value greatly here). 


Daniel Snell

Brand Representative | Operations Associate


Some of Daniel's many strengths include: pouring two beers at once, having the artful ability (like Skoon) to flee as soon as someone tries to take a photo of him for social media, and somehow knowing everyone from everywhere.

Like Donovan, Daniel has acquired quickly the difficult talent of being able to decipher the foxholes of Julie's brain and is very skilled at knowing exactly where she put her phone.